Precision Cutting Tools

Specializing in the production of high-quality and high performance cutting tools. With over fifty years of experience, PCT is a leading cutting tool manufacturer that distributes its products all across North America and Europe.

Proudly Made in the United States

All of our tools and products are made in Southern California 

Industry Leading Turnaround TIme

We pride ourselves in delivering PCT tools to our customers within 1-2 weeks. 

Focus on quality & HIgh performance

Our speciality lies in top quality products focused on high performance. 


High Performance Carbide Endmills. Various geometries to choose from to fit your application and material to maximize performance..


High Performance Carbide Drills. Wide variety of finely tuned geometry specific to the material. Available in non coolant up to 8xD and coolant up to 50xD

Build your own

Specials – Made to print with geometry that best fits your application. Check out our complete list of tools we can produce

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