Treating the environment with great care has been a long and intricate practice in the group and its many companies around the globe. PCT closely monitors its environmental impact by lessening risk factors by addressing product life cycles, starting from raw material to production, transportation, application, packaging, and end-of-life management. PCT continuously improves environmental performance values to assure a consistent and responsible approach to its environment. 


Tungsten and Cobalt are strategic metals used to manufacture inserts. Cemented tungsten carbides become available for recycling when scrapped. Our goal is to help our customers to collect scrap metals and carbides and send them to be recycled. Collecting scrap carbide and grinding worn carbide tools assures a cleaner environment. In PCT managing waste disposal is treated with high priority where the collection, recycling, and deposition of waste materials are handled daily to assure it is properly treated.
The waste management program includes monitoring and controlling the methods.

PCT has a standardization system that works according to international standards such asvISO14001, ISO45001, and ISO50001.

IMC companies’ sustainable packages are carriers of corporate brands. Corrugated cardboard and other forms of paper-based packaging are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and used to package various PCT’ products. To package the tools and inserts, polyethylene and polypro-pylene plastic packages are used, which can be recycled and transformed for reuse. PCT’s companies aspire to a cleaner environment and to reduce global warming.