Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

At PCT, sustainability has become an integral part of the company’s daily routine. The success of PCT’s sustainability is a value-driven way of thinking, and our ability and motivation to continue behavior that benefits the customer, employees, and the environment while protecting our ecosystem for future generations. Using alternative energy sources, such as solar power for heating water or generating electricity, is embedded in the company’s lifestyle and future.

PCT also regards social and economic resources as part of sustainability and not just environmental issues. PCT aims to engage its suppliers in the move towards sustainable business practices. This will require assessing the supplier’s social, environmental, and economic impacts. PCT adheres to buying sustainable products and markets green initiatives both internally and externally.

While supporting government adaptation strategies, PCT is committed to environmental sustainability and pursues the reduction of waste resources, treatment of refuse, and using environmentally friendly products. Waste disposal is treated with high priority and the collection, recycling, and deposition of waste materials is handled daily to assure proper treatment.

PCT appreciates diverse cultures as they create an empowering environment, allowing equal opportunities for its employees to grow and professionally excel. Sustainability is practiced through people-centered development by seeing the employees as one of the company’s greatest assets.

PCT sees its social commitment as inseparable from its business operations and practices a donation strategy while regularly contributing to medical research and the needy.